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Welcome to the MSU Cru Podcast! Our goal is to have round table discussions with Cru students and staff members about topics relevant to walking with Christ while in college and about being involved with Cru. Get in on the conversations about what they have learned or are in process of learning as they continue to grow in their relationship with Christ.

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Episode 5: Men’s Relationships (Entire Episode)

It’s time for the men’s perspective on building strong relationships. Our panel shares about how they’ve had strong relationships shape their life and their walk with God. Lots of great stories and lots of great scripture!

Part 1 – On part 1 we define relationships and why we need them. We also get into what you should look for in your close relationship and how you know you have one. The panel pulls out scripture right away, so you know they’re not messing around today!

Part 2 – We get into how to start growing closer to other men, how many close friends do you need, and if you need a lot in common with people you’re investing in. Then, how do we start sharpening each other and spurring us on towards God?

Part 3 – We talk about how no one can get enough encouragement, so start doing it! Everyone shares on how important accountability is and why you need it. We end with some more stories on why this is all worth it.

Episode 4: Women’s Relationships (Entire Episode)

Ep. 4 brings in the all-women’s panel to talk about the importance of building strong relationships. We talk about how relationships can encourage and sharpen you. We also get into why they can take a lot of time and hard work, but they are so worth it.

Part 1 – We talk about the definition and importance of close women’s relationships. We get into why they can be hard to find and develop, and can you even know if someone is a close friend or not.

Part 2 – If you’re looking to build relationships, where do you start and how do you get past keeping things at surface level? Then we talk about how you can invest time to sharpen each other and why encouragment is so important.

Part 3 – What is and is not accountability? We walk through good questions to ask and ways you can present truth and grace to someone. We close by looking at pitfalls to avoid with relationships and last thoughts and why it’s all worth it.

Episode 3: Real Life (Entire Episode)

Today’s focus is on MSU Cru’s weekly meeting, Real Life. We talk about what the weekly meeting is, why it is important, and what to expect when you come. Then we discuss the goal to be both welcoming and challenging and how you can help achieve it.

Part 1 – We talk about what is Real Life and why do we have a weekly meeting. Then we ask why the Real Life team sees the meeting’s importance worth all the effort they put in and why you should be excited to come.

Part 2 – What should you expect if it’s your first time at Real Life? Then everyone talked about having moments they were challenged by something at Real Life and how they grew from that. We followed that with what they look for to indicate the meeting is going well.

Part 3 – We talk about not wanting Real Life to have cliques and tips to avoid them. We finish with how you can help make Real Life better, favorite Real Life moments, and what to look forward to this semester.

Episode 2: Life Groups (Entire Episode)

In episode 2 we talk about Life Groups and how MSU Cru structures its small group Bible discussions. Then we get into topics like how people at different points of their faith all fit in, building community and still be inviting, application, and much more!

Part 1 – What is a Life Group, how does MSU Cru structure them, and why are they important? Also, what’s unique about a small group in college and what’s the best way to get connected to one?

Part 2How can people in different points of their faith, including non-christians, all fit in one small group? Plus we get into what new students, returners, and the leaders can specifically contribute to the group.

Part 3 – How do you build community and still be inviting? We also talk about ways to tell if your group is doing well or not, and how to apply what you’re learning throughout your week.

Episode 1: Freshman Year (Entire Episode)

Today’s discussion is what it’s like to walk with Christ at MSU during your freshman year. We’re talking about what Welcome Week is like, how important is it to find Christian community, what can contribute to a harder freshman year, and much more!

Part 1 – How we felt coming into freshmen year, what to expect with MSU’s Welcome Week, and the best way to spend your time the first few days. Also what are the quickest ways to make friends and how to connect with your floormates?

Part 2 – What’s the best way to connect with Cru and how does your time in college uniquely contribute toward growing closer to God? We also talk about how to keep walking with God throughout your social life and that you should remember to actually study.

Part 3 – What are things that can contribute to your freshman year going bad? We also discuss some favorite freshman memories, the girls try to figure out what the guys are actually ‘practicing’ when they hang out, and there are some happy tears. 



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